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Friday, January 6, 2012

Create a Secure Password Using LeetSpeak

Let's face it, it's 2012 and cyber criminals are lurking in every shadow of the internet. These people want nothing more than to steal your personal information. How do they do it? They use programs to guess your lackluster password for a site that you frequent. To top it off, studies show that at least 33% of computer users use the same login information over multiple websites. This means if a hacker steals your Facebook password he's going to try it on other sites. Emails, bank accounts, insurance, oh my!

Scared yet? Of course you're not. This could happen to everyone else, just not you. Um... no. Read on!


Leet (or "1337")  is an alternate version of the English alphabet. Leet uses symbols and numbers to replace letters.

1 = L
3 = E
3 = E
7 = T

Make sense? M@k3 53N53? Take a look at the image below.

Why Leet?

To guess passwords, a lot of hackers use what's called a dictionary attack. In short, a program runs through an exhaustive list of common words and tests them all for a match. This type of attack has a very high success rate on passwords that use single words or variations of words found in a dictionary, such as adding a number.

To sum it all up

Bad Passwords: Password12, Secure86, Random72
Great Passwords: P@55w0rd12, 53cur386, R@nd0m72
Elite Passwords: 9@55vv02cl12, 53(y3w386, 9@/\/cl04472

Here's to being secure in 2012! I'm going to go change my password now.


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