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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Using FDM to schedule download times

There are a lot of Internet Service Providers out there that limit the amount of data you can download each month. Most of the time these ISP's will give you a certain time window where you have unlimited downloads. The only problem is this time window is normally during your sleeping hours. How convenient...

You could wake up in the middle of the night and download that new hit song from iTunes or that new game you've been dying to play. Alternatively, you could use Free Download Manager and sleep soundly knowing your download will be waiting for you when you wake up. You choose option B?

Setting up the software

1. Click here to download the program.

2. Install the software making sure "Launch FDM automatically at Windows startup" is checked.

3. Open the newly installed program

4. Click Options > Settings > Downloads > Time Limit

5. Check "Limit time when FDM can start downloads"

6. Set your start and stop times and click the "Ok" button. FDM will only download between these hours.

Starting Downloads

Method 1

1. You should now have a blue download box at the bottom right of your screen anytime you open a web browser.

2 .To add a file to your download list, just drag and drop the download link onto the blue square.

3. Click "Ok" in the FDM dialog box. Your download will start at the scheduled time.

Method 2

1. Right click the download link.

2. Open FDM by double clicking the blue download box.

3. Click the "Add download" button.

4. Right click in the "URL" field and paste the link.

5. Click the "Ok" button. Your download will start at the scheduled time.

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