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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Importance of Keeping Your Computer Cool

Imagine this scenario. You're working in the sweltering heat, desperately trying to finish a few miscellaneous jobs. It's hot. You're getting overheated. Unless you're super-human, you probably can't get as much accomplished in the heat. You perform much better at moderate temperatures. Am I right?

A computer is a lot like you in this instance! No! Do not give it water! A computer needs to stay cool in order to work at peak performance and live a long and prosperous life.

This applies to laptops and desktops. However, laptops are a lot more susceptible to soaring temperatures. All of the parts are crammed into a small place, which makes it harder to circulate air and maintain low temperatures. If your laptop is burning your leg right now, suck it up and read on.

Things you can do

  • Take it off of your lap: "But it's called a laptop." I don't care! Move it! Having the computer on your lap makes for bad airflow. Instead use a lap desk. I use one and it makes a huge difference.

  • Clean the air vents: Just like anything else in your house, computers collect dust. Turn your computer off and unplug it. Look for any air vents and hit them with some compressed air. While your at it, get those nasty crumbs out of the keyboard! 

  • Room to breathe: Make sure your desktop computer isn't stuffed in some forgotten nook or used as a table for junk. Remember, air circulation is crucial! 
  • Check your fans: Most computer manufacturers have fan diagnostic software. Take a look at your manufactures website, and see if this software is available for your machine. This will allow you to test the fans without taking the computer apart.

  • Purchase a cooling pad: Give your laptop an extra burst of cool! Most cooling pads are USB powered so they don't have a drastic affect on your portability.  

Drastic Measures

The above solutions aren't working for you? Try these. 

  • Have it cleaned: Turn your computer over to a professional, and let them take it apart and clean the insides.
  • Replace the cooling components: Again, you'll want someone who knows what they are doing. Tell your local tech guru that your computer is running hot. Have them check the fans, heat sink, etc., and let them replace the parts that aren't working properly.


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